E-Service AdvisoryE-Service Advisory

We understand that our clients' needs vary from industry to industry, and from organization to organization. We combine domain knowledge and technical experience to help clients clarify and prioritize their goals and success criteria, and develop IT strategies and plans that meet their needs. Our e-service advisory help clients get maximum value from existing systems and new investments. Our professionals are experienced in working with both technology and business executives to help them do more with less.

We specialize in transforming IT operations to complement business directions and priorities, and deliver IT services consistently and effectively. We provide a roadmap to support clients through the IT change process while aligning the business and achieving stakeholder agreement. The result is dramatic improvements in collaboration between users, applications, and technology components, generating significant value for any business and creating competitive advantage.

IT Consulting

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Product Selection
  • Aligning IT Strategy to Business Strategy
  • Policy Development
  • Business continuity planning
  • Good IT Governance advise

Process Re-EngineeringProcess Re-Engineering

we radically change the way our clients do business by analyzing and redesigning their workflows within and between their enterprises. The outcome of this is lower cost and increase quality of service.

We use the principles below to reengineer and streamline their work process and thereby achieve significant levels of improvement in quality, time management, and cost:

  • Organize around outcomes, not tasks.
  • Identify all the processes in an organization and prioritize them in order of redesign urgency.
  • Integrate information processing work into the real work that produces the information.
  • Treat geographically dispersed resources as though they were centralized.
  • Link parallel activities in the workflow instead of just integrating their results.
  • Put the decision point where the work is performed, and build control into the process.
  • Capture information once and at the source.

Software DevelopmentSoftware Development

We design, develop, and maintain custom desktop, web, windows mobile and mobile web applications.

Since our clients have unique business needs that are not sufficiently met by packaged products, our solutions are typically custom built and extensively tailored.

Our expertise in software development enables us to design and develop the most appropriate and flexible solutions for each of our clients.

IT Infrastructure Management

  • Deployment, configuration and maintenance of Server Hardware "IBM, HP , Dell"
  • Deployment, configuration and maintenance of VIOP Telephone system
  • Deployment, configuration and maintenance of Ms. Lynch servers
  • Firewall Management "FORTI GATE and SOPHOS"
  • Access Control Management
  • IT Security Management "Virtual and physical"